VITUS 22 48 E-Substance E-Emitter Energie Vitesse FUJI Jari Rear Derailleur Mech Hanger


Derailleur mech hanger for VITUS bikes  (part number: 22) for models: Substanc, Vitesse evo, ZX-1 evo, E-Substance, E-Emitter, Energie evo and FUJI Jari and SL-E bikes

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Derailleur hanger replacements are specific to each bike – please check compatibility with our list below, but confirm by comparing your current hanger with the photo (shape is important, the markings may be different), since this is the most reliable way to ensure you are ordering the correct items. Please send a photo to us if you are unsure. Why not get a spare so you can fix by the roadside next time?

List of compatible FUJI bikes (part number D048 / T100005054) – with M4 Bolt
Fuji SL-E 2021
Fuji Jari Carbon 1.1 / 1.3 2021
Fuji Jari Carbon 2019

List of compatible VITUS bikes (Part number 22 or 48)
Vitus Gear Hanger Compatibility Sheet (doesn’t show 22 and 48 are the same, but they are)
Vitesse evo 2021 onwards
ZX-1 evo 2021 onwards
E-Substance 2021 onwards
E-Emitter 2021 Onwards
Substance CR/CRS/CRX 2019 onwards
Energie evo CR/CRS/CRX 2021 onwards

Fitting Instructions
See our fitting guide:

Why do they break?
Derailleur hangers are sacrificial parts designed to break or deform instead of the bike frame. This kind of damage usually happens when a chain gets caught or the derailleur crashes into the spokes. It’s cheaper to replace a hanger than an entire frame, thus reducing / eliminating damage to the frame and drive train components. Get a couple spare so you’re not caught short on a ride!

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