How to identify a rear mech derailleur hanger?

If you need to buy a new hanger, follow these steps to identify your hanger, in order of simplicity:

  1. Search by bike brand / manufacturer, then look for a visual match: On this website, scroll to the bottom of the page and simply click on the brand / manufacturer of your bike to see a list of hangers, and look for a visual match of you old / broken hanger. Pay attention to the shape and screw holes to make sure they are exactly the same.
  2. Look for the part number: Check your old / broken hanger or in your bike manual for a part number, this can help to confirm you have the correct hanger.
  3. Match your bike model and year: If you’re still unsure, you can check the description of the hanger for which bike model and year it fits. This can sometimes be helpful, although this is less reliable (than step 1) as sometimes the information is a bit of of date, and a hanger may fit more recent bike despite it not being named in the product description.