How to fix a broken derailleur hanger

If you’ve got your replacement hanger ready to go, fixing it is a straightforward job. If you need help, you can either watch the video or download the PDF instructions:

Download the printable PDF instruction sheet with pictures :

Step 1 – Check for other damage

Check the derailleur, wheel spokes, chain and cassette are not damaged, and replace these first if needed; You’ll need a set of allen keys or a multi tool and a new hanger to complete the job.

Step 2 – Remove rear wheel

Undo the bolts or loosen the QR skewer and remove the rear wheel completely from the bike.

Step 3 – Remove damaged hanger

Remove the derailleur bolt that attaches the derailleur to the hanger. The hanger may be in 2 pieces or may break further as you do this. Remove the remaining part of the derailleur hanger from the bike frame, there will be one, two or three screws that hold it in place.

Step 4 – Attach new hanger to frame

Clean the area of the frame to remove any debris, and use new bolts if they are supplied with you hanger, adding threadlock if possible, and ensure the bolts are tight and the hanger is straight and locates snugly in the frame.

Step 5 – Attach derailleur to new hanger

Attached the rear derailluer mechanism to the new hanger using the integrated derailleur bolt (usually 5mm allen key / hex head)

Step 6 – Replace rear wheel

Replace the rear wheel, tightening the bolts or QR skewer and fit the chain.

Step 7 – Check alignment

Check that the hanger and derailleur are in alignment & gear shifting is smooth before riding!