Go Outdoors Stevens Corractec MaxxPro Megamo Natural 30 derailleur mech hanger dropout


Derailleur mech hanger for some bikes models from: Stevens, Go Outdoors, Megamo, Planet X, Bianchi C Sport 2019

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Derailleur hanger replacements are specific to each bike – please check compatibility with our list below, but confirm by comparing your current hanger with the photo, since this is the most reliable way to ensure you are ordering the correct items. Please send a photo to us if you are unsure. All our hangers come with the correct bolts or fittings as appropriate. Why not get another for a spare so you can fix by the roadside next time?

Fitting Instructions
See our fitting guide: https://youtu.be/7PVZ50Gk1zE

Why do they break?
Derailleur hangers are sacrificial parts designed to break or deform instead of the bike frame. This kind of damage usually happens when a chain gets caught or the derailleur crashes into the spokes. It’s cheaper to replace a hanger than an entire frame, thus reducing / eliminating damage to the frame and drive train components.

List of compatible bikes:

Bianchi C Sport 2019

Boardman MHT 8.8 2018

Corratec C Cross

Peaktrail 2e 2018

Stevens 3X SX 2015
Stevens 3X 2017
Stevens 4X Lite Tour 2015
Stevens 4X SX 2015
Stevens 4X 2017
Stevens 5X SX Disc 2015
Stevens 5X 2017
Stevens 6X Lite Tour 2015
Stevens 6x Lite 2017
Stevens 6X SX Disc Tour 2015
Stevens 6X SX Disc 2015
Stevens 6X SX Pro 2015
Stevens 7X Lite Disc Tour 2015
Stevens 7x Lite 2017
Stevens 7X SX Disc Tour 2015
Stevens 7X SX Disc 2015
Stevens 7X 2017
Stevens 8X Lite Disc Tour 2015
Stevens 8X Race 2017
Stevens 8X SX Disc 2015
Stevens 8X 2017
Stevens Albis SX 2015
Stevens Albis 2017
Stevens Antelao 2015-17
Stevens Applebee 2015-17
Stevens Avantgarde 2015
Stevens Devil’s Trail 2015-17
Stevens E-Agnello 2015
Stevens E-Cayolle 2015
Stevens E-Wave 2017
Stevens Espirit Disc 2015
Stevens Galant Lite 2015
Stevens Galant SX 2015
Stevens Jazz Lite 2015
Stevens Jazz SX 2015
Stevens Jazz 2017
Stevens Luna 2015
Stevens Luxe 2015
Stevens Mira 2015
Stevens Nema 2015
Stevens Primera Disc 2017
Stevens Primera Luxe 2015
Stevens Primera SX Disc 2015
Stevens Randonneur Disc 2015
Stevens Randonneur 2015
Stevens Savoie Disc 2015
Stevens Sentiero 2015
Stevens Taniwha 2015-17
Stevens Tonga 2015-17

Go outdoors / Calibre
Line 10 (Some Years)
Line 20 (Some Years)
Two Cubed (Some Years)

MaxxPro Hard 27,5 Elite 2020
MaxxPro Hard 27,5 Ultra 2020

Megamo Natural 30 2021
Megamo Natural 40 2021
Megamo Natural 50 2021

Planet X
Planet X Full Monty
Planet X Full Monty SL

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