CUBE Attention Acid Race LTD Pro derailleur mech hanger dropout (10149)


Derailleur mech hanger for CUBE bikes including Attention Acid Race etc

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Derailleur hanger replacements are specific to each bike – please check compatibility with our list below, but confirm by comparing your current hanger with the photo, since this is the most reliable way to ensure you are ordering the correct items. Please send a photo to us if you are unsure. All our hangers come with the correct bolts or fittings as appropriate. Why not get another for a spare so you can fix by the roadside next time?

Suitable for the following 2020 bikes:

Access WS Race
Reaction Hybrid Youth
Nature Hybrid EXC
Touring Hybrid Pro / EXC
Town Sport Hybrid Pro
Ella Ride Hybrid

Suitable for the following 2019 bikes:

Race ONE
Reaction Pro
Access WS
Cross Hybrid
Touring Hybrid
Kathmandu Hybrid
Town Sport Hybrid
Elly Ride Hybrid
Acid Hybrid Pro
Reaction Hybrid Pro / Race
Access Hybrid Pro / Race

Suitable for the following 2018 bikes:

Attention SL
Race ONE
Access WS Race
Touring Hybrid ONE/Pro/Exc/SL
Town Hybrid Sport
Town Hybrid Sport Pro
Elly Ride Hybrid
Reaction Hybrid Pro/Pro Allroad/Race/Exc
Access Hybrid Pro/Pro Allroad/Race
SL Road Pro/Race/SL

Suitable for the following 2017 bikes:

Attention SL
Acid 2x
Race ONE
LTD Pro/Race/SL 2x
Access WLS Race/SL

Suitable for the following 2016 bikes:

Attention SL
Race ONE
LTD Pro 2x/3x
LTD Race 2x
Access WLS Race/SL

Fitting Instructions
See our fitting guide:

Why do they break?
Derailleur hangers are sacrificial parts designed to break or deform instead of the bike frame. This kind of damage usually happens when a chain gets caught or the derailleur crashes into the spokes. It’s cheaper to replace a hanger than an entire frame, thus reducing / eliminating damage to the frame and drive train components.

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